The Neutron And Gamma Separation System

Required Equipment

  • Liquid Scintillator NE-213 Detector
  • Pulse-Shape Discriminator Model 2620 (PSD)
  • Bin Power Supply Model 8000
  • High Voltage Power Supply Model 8100
  • Delay Line Amplifier
  • Time Amplitude Converter Model 2580
  • Constant Fraction Discriminator (CFD)
  • MCA Model 4110
  • BNC and SHV Cables

All products are provided by Iman Gostar Raman Kish company


Instruments Used In Spectroscopy System 

1. Liquid Scintillator NE-213

The NE-213 is an organic liquid scintillator detector with excellent efficiency and quality for neutron-gamma separation and is well known and used in neutron-gamma separation experiments. This detector is currently being manufactured at different sizes and with suitable PMTs for the bias.


 2. BIN Power Supply Model 8000

The 8000 power supply is a 19 inch rack with a power supply of 160 watts, and all of its connectors have the standard voltage of a NIM bin.


  • Input: 220 or 115 Vac
  • Output impedance: <0.3 Ω at any frequency up to 100 KHZ for the dc output.
  • Temperature coefficient: < 0.02%/°C, 0 to 60 °C
  • Output ripple: < 3 mV
  • Voltage adjustment: ±2% minimum range
  • Power supply


3. High Voltage Power Supply Model 8100

The IAP 8100 high voltage power supply is used for biasing various detectors.


  • Output polarity: Positive or negative
  • Output voltage: 0 to 3 KV
  • Output current: 0- 10 mA
  • Output ripple: < 10 mV
  • Power: 220 Vac


4. Delay Line Amplifier (DLA)

DLA is intended for energy and time spectroscopy with scintillation detectors. Its delay-line shaped output signal is particularly suitable for timing and high-counting rate applications. This output signal offers a more rapid baseline recovery than is possible with Semi-Gaussian shaping amplifiers.


  • Gain range: from 10 to 1000
  • Shaping filter: front-panel switch permits selection of integration time constant with 0.04, 0.1 or 0.25 μs
  • Integral nonlinear: less than ± 0.05%
  • Temperature ability: gain ≤ ± 0.01% / ° C, 0 to 50 ° C and DC level ≤ ± 0.1 mV / ° C, 0 to 50 ° C


5. Time to Amplitude Converter (TAC)

The Time to Amplitude Converter (TAC) measures the time interval between pulses to its start and stop inputs and generates an analog output pulse proportional to the measured time. Timing experiments requiring time ranges from 10 ns to 2 ms may be performed, giving the experimenter flexibility in analyzing random nuclear events that occur within a selected time range. This device measures time ranges from 50 ns to 2 ms .


Time Resolution: FWHM ≤ 01%

  • Temperature Instability: ≤±0.02%/°C (±100 ppm/°C).
  • Differential Nonlinearity: ≤±1% from 10 ns or 2% of full scale (whichever is greater) to 100% of full scale.
  • Integral Nonlinearity: ≤±0.1% from 10 ns or 2%
  • Reset Cycle: Fixed 1.0 µs for X1 and X10 multipliers, fixed 5 µs for X100 Multiplier, and fixed 50 µs for X1K, and X10K Multipliers. Occurs after Over Range, Strobe cycle, or Ext Strobe Reset cycle.


 6. Constant Fraction Discriminator(CFD)

A constant fraction discriminator (CFD) allows good time resolution to be obtained from all detectors.


  • Count rate: 100 MHz
  • Dynamic range: 1- 1000
  • Five modes of operation
  • Two negative outputs and two positive outputs, simultaneously
  • Multi-color counting rate display
  • dc collapse


7. Multichannel Analyzer (MCA) Model 4110

The IAP model 4110 MCA is a high resolution Wilkinson type multichannel analyzer. The 4110 is a single NIM mode that is specifically designed for use in nuclear and x-ray spectroscopy and connects via a USB port to PC. Also, MCA is fully supported by DAS software.


  • Accepts Signal: positive or bipolar pulses (positive portion leading)
  • Input range: 25 mV to 10 V
  • Input impedance: 1000 Ω.
  • Rise time: 100 ns to 100 μs
  • Fall Time: 200 ns to 100 μs
  • Width: 0.5 μs minimum.
  • Input couple: DC – coupled
  • Connector: front panel BNC


8. Cables

  • SHV and BNC


Long Term Warranty And After Sales Service

The warranty service includes the repair or service of the instrument and the free provision of services for replacing parts and repair wages for one year, but the warranty does not apply on the following cases:

  • Transport damages, electrical fluctuations, fire or heat, contact or penetration of water and corrosive chemicals, intense dust, lightning, natural disasters.
  • Instruments manipulated or repaired by persons other than the company’s representatives.
  • Any kind of manipulation or damage on installed holograms on the instrument.
  • Any displacement after installation without informing the company.
  • The warranty does not cover consumables.
  • After sales service is for 10 years with payment.

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