Imen Gostar Raman Kish company is ready to offer you consultancy services in the field of product, training, repair, maintenance, installation, dosimetry, detection and so to you

dear customers.

  • Guidance given in checking and selecting the different types of dosimeters.
  • Guidance given in purchasing the different types of measuring instruments.
  • Guidance given in irradiation of samples in research affairs with different sources.
  • Guidance given in the installation of the different types of detectors, dosimeters, monitors, gates and nuclear modules.
  • Guidance given in calibration of detection equipment and dosimetry.
  • Guidance given in the different types of TLD readers and dosimetric cards.
  • Guidance given in the preparation of various types of personal and environmental dosimeters in powder and chip form.
  • Guidance given in providing the different types of shields for radiation instruments and sources.