Multichannel Analyzer (MCA) Model 4110

The model 4110 multichannel analyzer (MCA) is a high resolution Wilkinson type multichannel analyzer. The 4010 is a single NIM mode that is specifically designed for use in nuclear and x-ray spectroscopy and connects via a USB port to PC. Also, MCA is fully supported by DAS software. The MCA records and stores pulses according to their height. Each storage unit is called a channel. The height of the pulse has some known relationship usually proportional to the energy of the particle that enters into the detector. Each pulse is in turn stored in a particular channel corresponding to a certain energy. The distribution of pulses in the channels is an image of the distribution of the energies of the particles. At the end of a counting period, the spectrum that was recorded may be displayed on the screen of the MCA. There are many experiments for the study of events in terms of more than one parameter. Such requirements occur in

  • Coincidence measurements where the energy spectrum from both detectors need be analyzed.
  • Simultaneous measurement of energy and mass distribution of fission fragments.
  • Study of energy and angular dependence of nuclear reactions involving many particles, etc.





  • Accepts Signal: positive or bipolar pulses (positive portion leading)
  • Input range: 25 mV to 10 V
  • Input impedance: 1000 Ω
  • Rise time: 100 ns to 100 us
  • Fall time: 200 ns to 100 us
  • Width: 0.5 us minimum
  • Input couple: DC – coupled
  • Connector: front panel BNC



  • Accepts Signal: positive TTL level or signal width 100ns
  • Input Impedance: approx. 4.7 kOhm(pull-up)
  • Connector: front panel BNC



MCA is USB that connected to PC via cable


Front panel Controls

LLD: Screwdriver adjustable 20-turn precision potentiometer to set lower level discriminator, continuously adjustable from +20 mV to +10 V.

ULD: Screwdriver adjustable 20-turn precision potentiometer to set upper level discriminator, continuously adjustable from +20 mV to +10 V.

Zero: Screwdriver adjustable 20-turn precision potentiometer to set the analog zero level.


Power Requirements

+24 V 80 mA
-24 V 120 mA
+12 V 110 mA
-12 V 20 mA



  • Put the instrument inside bin.
  • Connect the 3600 amplifier output to the instrument input.
  • Connect the instrument output to PC using the USB cable.


Delivery Test

  • Power test
  • Match test the amplifier output with MCA input
  • Stability test
  • Spectroscopy test with DAS software


Installation Requirements 

  • Laboratory
  • A table for placing device
  • Bin power supply model 8000 or 8010
  • BNC cable
  • Detector
  • Amplifier and preamplifier
  • Computer
  • The equipped room with an air conditioning for constant temperature and humidity
  • Power
  • Pulse generator


Long Term Warranty And After Sales Service

The warranty service includes the repair or service of the instrument and the free provision of services for replacing parts and repair wages for one year, but the warranty does not apply on the following cases:

  • Transport damages, electrical fluctuations, fire or heat, contact or penetration of water and corrosive chemicals, intense dust, lightning, natural disasters.
  • Instruments manipulated or repaired by persons other than the company’s representatives.
  • Any kind of manipulation or damage on installed holograms on the instrument.
  • Any displacement after installation without informing the company.
  • The warranty does not cover consumables.
  • After sales service is for 10 years with payment.


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