Multi-Parameter Analyzer List Mode

The multi-parameter analyzer (MPA) system is designed as a list mode with USB2 and USB3 ports for data transfer at high speed. First, data can be stored on the FIFO and then is transferred to a PC through a USB port. Application program can be simultaneously displayed single and multi-parameter spectra.



Multi-Parameter Analyzer List Mode Model 4300

Hardware Specifications  

  • The connection to 8 ADCs up to 16000 channels of nuclear type
  • The connection to PC via USB2 port with speeds of up to 20 MB/s
  • Store data as a list in FIFO
  • Operating temperature range: 0 – 50 °C
  • Internal timer resolution: 20 ns
  • Sync window time range: 20 nano to 1 ms


Software Specifications  

  • Set up hardware parameters for how to receive information
  • Display of single and multi-parameter data, simultaneously
  • Store data on hard disk
  • Display of single and multi-parameter data after ending the experiment and from the stored list


Multi-Parameter Analyzer List Mode Model 4200

  • Connect to PC via USB
  • 1 Mbyte of SRAM memory
  • Connect up to 3 external ADCs with 8 K maximum gain
  • Operational modes:

Single independent: In this mode, each ADC works independently of other ADCs

Single dependent: In this mode, the specified ADCs are synchronized and the buffer information is displayed separately.

Multiple: In this mode, the specified ADCs are synchronized, and their data is displayed in a buffer as a matrix.

  • 2 timers 48-bit with 100 ns resolution for real time and live time measurement for each ADC
  • Calculation of dead time for each ADC
  • Calculation of count rate for each ADC
  • A 32-bit hardware counter to measure the total count
  • Set real and live time values ​​and total count for each ADC
  • The counting curve display
  • Maximum count for each channel: 232



  • Connect the instrument output to ADC
  • Set LLD, ULD and ZERO potentiometer on ADC and observe


Installation Requirements

  •  Laboratory
  •  A table for placing device
  •  1 to 8 ADC system
  •  Cable
  •  Power
  •  The equipped room with an air conditioning for constant temperature and humidity
  •  Power
  • Computer
  •  Oscilloscope



  • Nuclear spectroscopy
  • Gamma ray-neutron separation in different ways
  • Separation of different radiations such as alpha, beta and X


Long Term Warranty And After Sales Service

The warranty service includes the repair or service of the instrument and the free provision of services for replacing parts and repair wages for one year, but the warranty does not apply on the following cases:

  • Transport damages, electrical fluctuations, fire or heat, contact or penetration of water and corrosive chemicals, intense dust, lightning, natural disasters.
  • Instruments manipulated or repaired by persons other than the company’s representatives.
  • Any kind of manipulation or damage on installed holograms on the instrument.
  • Any displacement after installation without informing the company.
  • The warranty does not cover consumables.
  • After sales service is for 10 years with payment.



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