In the field of security and safety systems, designing, manufacturing, installation, and training as well as after-sales services of X-Ray baggage scanner model 100 100 were one of the steps taken by Imen Gostar Raman Kish in the country’s self-sufficiency and the first example of the company’s manufacturing unit It was first installed at Imam Khomeini airport and then at Bazargan customs and is currently in operation, which has resulted in satisfaction of the customer regarding the work, the precision and the satisfaction of the users.

Radiation portal monitor devices are designed to control the possible contamination of loads passing through the country’s borders to radioactive substances to prevent contaminating and pathogenic agents, whether deliberate or unwanted, in the company and in several air borders, Land and sea of ​​the country. The equipment also has a customer satisfaction certificate of its high performance and accuracy, indicating the competitiveness of the manufacturing units of the company with the same external characteristics.

Laboratory equipment and instruments

A group of other products from Imen Gostar Raman Kish Company due to the need of the scientific and academic community of the country to provide laboratory equipment, especially in physics laboratories, a wide range of nuclear electronics products are manufactured and marketed by the company.

Educational services, including training in the use of laboratory equipment, radiation portal monitor devices, and X-Ray baggage scanner devices are another service to the customer, which is supplied with the installation and delivery of the equipment or individually according to the customer’s request.

Technical supervision over the inspection of specific technical equipment is also one of the services that the company is undertaking to improve the quality level of the technical delivery of equipment in the country.

The maintenance and repair of the devices in the company’s portfolio is carried out continuously in the form of equipment warranty and, in the same way, the company’s help desk is used to provide customers with technical support coverage by contacting a cell phone number provided to customers. In addition, the company maintains and repairs equipment that is not part of its products but is in demand on the market separately and at a reasonable cost, and relying on the ability of its efficient technical staff.