Preamplifier Model 3001

The 3001 scintillation preamplifier is an all-transistor preamplifier designed for use with photomultiplier tubes. It is non inverting preamplifier with no provisions for pulse shaping excepts the variation of fall time. A diode network prevents destruction of the input transistor if a sudden positive or negative high voltage is applied to the input.



  • Input: BNC connector; isolated for 1000V; positive or negative polarity, 1 MΩ impedance shunted by 45 pF plus the capacity selected by jumper S1 (0,100,200,500, or 1000pF).
  • Test Pulse: BNC connector; accepts a pulse generator output with fast rise and slow decay to check operation of the electronics; input impedance 100 Ω.



  • BNC connector; output impedance adjustable from 40 to 140 Ω . Output saturation level ± 10 V into open circuit; ± 5.1 V into 100 Ω. Linear output ± 7 Ω into open circuit; ± 3.5 V into 100 Ω  load.



  • Rise Time: < 60 ns
  • Fall Time: Fall time constant is designed for 50 μs , assuming a signal source impedance of 1 MΩ
  • Internal Nonlinearity: ≤ 0.02%
  •  Power Required: + 24 VDC, 17 mA; -24 VDC, 17 mA; supplied from any IAP transistor main amplifier or an IAP preamplifier power supply through 10-ft captive cable.



  • Weight (shipping): 2.3 lb (1.05 kg)
  • Weight (Net): 1.5 lb (0.68 kg)
  • Dimensions : 102 × 80 × 41 mm³





  • Connection To Photomultiplier Tube

Connect the output of the photomultiplier to the input of the 3001 with a coaxial cable. This cable should be kept as short as practicable. The photomultiplier output can be taken from the anode, cathode, or any dynode and will generally be ac-coupled. The input connector of the 3001 is isolated for 1000 Vdc; however, it can be modified for 3000 Vdc isolation by being replaced with a type SHV connector.

  • Connection To A Shaping Main Amplifier

The 3001 can be used to drive long length of  cable to a shaping amplifier and is designed to be directly compatible with PRTEC transistor main amplifier. The output impedance of the 3001 is ; therefore if the  cable is used, it is not necessary to terminate it at the receiving end. If unterminated cable is used on the output, with impedance other than , resistor R24 should be adjusted for an output impedance equal to the value of the cable impedance prevent pulse  reflections.

  • Input Power

power for the 3001 is supplied through an 9 pin connector on the rear of the chassis. Power may be supplied by a single 45 V battery with tap at 22.5 V (use the tap as ground, providing +22.5 V and -22.5 V; current drain is 17 mA) or by any well-filtered  power supply. If the 3001 is used with IAP transistor main amplifiers, power for the preamplifier can be supplied from the main amplifier through the interconnecting cable supplied with the 3001.

  • Test Pulse

A voltage pulse can be inserted at the test pulse connector on the rear of the 3001. The 3001 has a built-in charge terminator that converts the input voltage to an input charge to simulate a charge pulse from the photomultiplier tube. The shape of the voltage test pulse should have a fast rise time (less than  sec) followed by a slow exponential decay back to the baseline (2 to sec). A 1 V input signal at the test pulse connector produce a pulse of approximately 135 mV when an input capacity of 100 pF is selected by S1.


Delivery Test

  • Power test
  • Match test the amplifier output with MCA input
  • Stability test
  • Spectroscopy test with DAS software


Installation Requirements 

  • Laboratory
  • A table for placing device
  • Bin power supply model and amplifier model 3600
  • Detector
  • Computer
  • The equipped room with an air conditioning for constant temperature and humidity
  • Power
  • Pulse generator

Long Term Warranty And After Sales Service

The warranty service includes the repair or service of the instrument and the free provision of services for replacing parts and repair wages for one year, but the warranty does not apply on the following cases:

  • Transport damages, electrical fluctuations, fire or heat, contact or penetration of water and corrosive chemicals, intense dust, lightning, natural disasters.
  • Instruments manipulated or repaired by persons other than the company’s representatives.
  • Any kind of manipulation or damage on installed holograms on the instrument.
  • Any displacement after installation without informing the company.
  • The warranty does not cover consumables.
  • After sales service is for 10 years with payment.

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