Name of God

Imen Gostar Raman Kish Co. with the slogan “Advances In Security And Safety ” has been able to take effective steps since the inception of the process to native the nuclear electronics systems required by the laboratories of the universities of the country as well as other public and private research centers. Aided by a dedicated team of professionals committed to corporate goals and with a sense of accountability, an example has been achieved.

It’s important for a man to develop a great goal, but in order to achieve that you have to take short and sure steps to learn from the failures and transform them into valuable experiences for future steps.

It is clear that the company has benefited from the research results of a large group of prominent scholars in various fields and these results have been used in early designs and sometimes even unchanged. Following up on the company’s manufacturing work, we can see changes and improvements in the different field. In this regard, researchers from the academic community have a significant presence in research and innovation.

Although sometimes the change may cause a lack of security margins and pessimism about the continuation of work, the experience of the company in the first few months of the work has shown that the difficulty of making changes can give rise to significant improvements without it. Changes and without crossing the frontier of fear and risk were unthinkable at all.

It should not be forgotten that today’s world around us is a day of unreachable dreams that a brave man has raised, but instead of a grief and a sense of scarcity, he preferred to overcome the boundaries of hope and make reality a reality.

The world today created us as brave and creative people. Perhaps we are the creator of the future world of the next generation. A generation that will inherit construction and innovation along with breaking the boundaries of fears and doubts.